My name is Irina Geyman

I am in international permanent makeup (PMU) and Microblading  expert. I started my practice in permanent makeup in 1997. Director of “The International Centre of Cosmetology” (locations: Berlin, Saint Petersburg), author of “Sfumato” and “Fabergé” techniques. Author of book “Marketing in Permanent Makeup”. Visiting specialist. I hold training all over the world.

Manual techniques are my favourite, and I have been practicing them or more than 10 years, since 2005.

Visiting specialist - I have worked in more than half of the world where I gained a great experience that allowed me to develop my own manual techniques that are suitable for European skin, gentle and delicate - “Sfumato” and “Fabergé”. These techniques allow to enhance the natural beauty of a woman without changing its nature.

I gladly share my experience by training new specialists. The geography of trainings covers all Europe, but most of the time they take place in Germany and Russia. It is the rich experience of working with European skin that attracts new followers of manual techniques “Sfumato” and “Fabergé”. Tender colour plays, fine shadings, delicate thin hairs - all of these effects are gaining popularity after the “boom” for bright loud permanent makeup that was during the mid 2000s. The permanent makeup of the future is a natural beauty, skillfully emphasised by a master.

I am a mother of 4 children and my family is my source of inspiration, my support. Many innovations and ideas that are used in my work were taken from everyday communication with the loved ones.